Thriving in Authenticity: Daisha’s Journey to Embracing Her Voice at Activision Blizzard

In this episode, we’re excited to share a conversation with Daisha McDaniel—Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Talent Acquisition Advisor at Activision Blizzard, one of the world’s most successful standalone interactive entertainment and gaming corporations, delighting hundreds of millions of monthly active user with games like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Tony Hawke, Candy Crush, and more.  

How She Found Her Voice

She shares her story—how her softspoken start in life as a self-described introvert evolved into finding her voice through her passion for DEI, and advocating for a sense of belonging. Tune in to hear her valuable insights on dealing with nerves surrounding public speaking, embarking on difficult conversations, and her unique approach to a respectful, empathetic, and  inclusive workplace.

She also touches on the significance of having a support system and the power of coaching in her personal and professional growth. The conversation delves into embracing discomfort, breaking out of comfort zones, and the evolution of personal values and beliefs. Daisha’s journey is a testament to the impact of sharing stories, embracing differences, and creating deeper connections in our quest to break biases.

Providing Tools for Awareness and Understanding

Daisha also explains the importance of establishing boundaries and finding her power while sharing practical tips on using one’s voice effectively, both in the workplace and in personal relationships. Her compelling story and advice resonate deeply with the values of Break the Bias, inspiring our listeners to embrace their own journeys and advocate for change. Further, she describes how Consciously Unbiased DEIB learning experiences have helped her grow her DEIB efforts at her company and sparked change for the better. To learn more about our custom learning experiences you can learn about our DEI Training here.


Sara Munjack

As the Director of Marketing and Partnerships at Consciously Unbiased, Sara Munjack is fueling inclusion through storytelling to build a passionate community and creating experiences inside organizations to transform workplace culture.
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