DEI Training

Not your typical
DEI training

Our secret sauce is connecting the heart and the mind to spark change, and we do that in lots of ways. Our compelling approach sparks habit-changing behavior and drives company performance.

DEI Training

Increased bias awareness

DEI Training

Increase in social capital awareness

DEI Training

Increase in diversity hiring


Our Training:

DEI Training

Makes the subconscious conscious

DEI Training

Turns DEI
into a personal passion

DEI Training

Changes behaviors and therefore workplace culture

Signature DEI Courses

Consciously Unbiased offers learning experiences based on neuroscience, behavioral science, and the power of storytelling in a fun and interactive judgement-free zone.

Participants become aware of their biases, learn mitigation strategies, and commit to taking action that helps drive belonging in the workplace.

Who We Train

We offer DEI leadership, enterprise-wide, and extended workforce training across the full spectrum of learnings including in-person, video, eLearning, and audio training.

All sessions are customized to ensure maximum resonance and impact.


Certified to Hire Workshop:

This intensive certification workshop designed for Talent Acquisition Teams and Hiring Managers helps participants identify and mitigate unconscious bias that can show up throughout recruiting and hiring processes.


Microprogressions Habit-Building Subscription


If you're serious about moving the needle on DEI you already know that training is not a 1-&-done.

We can't expect employees to dramatically change their behavior or change a culture overnight. But over time people and cultures change.

That's where our Microprogressions Habit-Building Subscription comes in! Employees receive one specific habit to practice each month for 12 months, with skills that build upon each other and ultimately changing the DNA of the org to create a more diverse and inclusive environment.

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