Self-Acceptance and Inclusivity: Megan Ixim’s Approach to Redefining Beauty

In this episode, we dive into the world of fashion, beauty and inclusion with our guest, Megan Ixim, also known as “Ms. Gigggles”—she is a Marketing Director and the founder of Socially Deviant Media and Plus Size Thrift.

Evolution of the Fashion Industry 

We journey through the shifting sands of beauty standards in America from the Marilyn-Monroe-1950s, to the rise of the Kardashian era, exploring how national economic conditions have sculpted society’s view of the ideal body type. Megan shares her own battles with body image and the harsh realities of ‘body privilege’ in healthcare and the workforce.

Breaking Rigid Beauty Standards

As we move into the broader implications of these beauty norms, we discuss how New Jersey and New York lead the way with new anti-discrimination laws. We’ll also touch upon the growing concern of eating disorders and the essence of self-acceptance.

Championing Diversity and Inclusion

Inspirational and brave, Megan recounts her life’s journey and how she became a driven entrepreneur and a vocal fat activist. And our host, Bindu, also shares some of her own personal cultural encounters with beauty standards. Together, they advocate for room-making in leadership for marginalized voices in the fashion industry, grapple with the power of personal branding and the imperative of clothing as empowerment. This episode is a juicy one, so tune in, and share with those who you think may learn something!


Sara Munjack

As the Director of Marketing and Partnerships at Consciously Unbiased, Sara Munjack is fueling inclusion through storytelling to build a passionate community and creating experiences inside organizations to transform workplace culture.
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