Permission to Pause: The Critical Role of Reflection in Understanding Bias

In this episode of Break the Bias, Consciously Unbiased co-founder Bindu Lokre sat down in Sweven’s podcast studio in Hoboken with our very own team member, Sara Munjack, Director of Marketing & Partnerships. This episode dives deep into the permission of the pause in order to allow us to process difficult information and explores the power of conversations in breaking biases.

Permission to Pause

In this episode, Sara emphasizes how using the Three Why Theory is crucial for both the listener and the giver. Exploring the “why” allows us to pause, reflect, and potentially revise or expand our perspectives. Sara reminds us that using the “why” as a tool can add nuance or even completely change the way we perceive information.

We also delve into the significance of identity and human connection, as Sara shares her personal journey of questioning different backgrounds and becoming more aware during her college years. She finds it fascinating how individuals from diverse backgrounds can ultimately arrive at the same conclusions. Through insightful conversation with Bindu, they both highlight how meaningful engagements about identity can take place despite differing life experiences.

Social Media as a Divisive Tool

Navigating the complexities of social media is another important topic discussed in this episode. Sara sheds light on the challenges of dealing with the polarizing nature of social media and the impact it has on friend groups, families, and even oneself. She emphasizes the need for in-person conversations, which she believes are more effective in building understanding and empathy.

During the episode, Sara raises the question of how to respectfully disagree while still respecting people’s differences and opinions. She introduces an incredible organization called New Ground, based in Los Angeles, that facilitates conversations and recently gained recognition in a New York Times article. With approximately 500 conversations facilitated, New Ground is tackling challenging topics head-on.

In the pursuit of open dialogue, Sara mentions a valuable Consciously Unbiased learning experience called “How to Have Conscious Conversations,” which equips participants with non-confrontational communication tools. She mentions a resource called Nonviolent Communication Principles by Marshall Rosenberg, emphasizing the significance of promoting respect, kindness, and productivity in our conversations.

Furthermore, Sara acknowledges the importance of taking breaks to research and fact-check the information we encounter, especially on social media platforms. She cautions against the risk of spreading misinformation and appeals for greater responsibility when it comes to sharing unverified content.

Lastly, Sara shares a powerful poem that resonates deeply with her called “How Can Black People Write About Flowers at a Time Like This” by Hanif Adburraqib. Born out of an encounter where a white woman questioned how black writers could write about flowers during difficult social times, the poem encapsulates the need for marginalized voices to be heard and urges society to address challenging issues collectively.

As we strive to humanize people and encourage open conversations, Break the Bias is committed to promoting meaningful dialogues that explore various perspectives. We value your engagement and contribution to these conversations as we work towards a more inclusive and empathetic society. If you are interested in bringing our training to your team, you can get more information here and learn more about our DEI Training.


Sara Munjack

As the Director of Marketing and Partnerships at Consciously Unbiased, Sara Munjack is fueling inclusion through storytelling to build a passionate community and creating experiences inside organizations to transform workplace culture.
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