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How To Diversify Your Network, According To A Super Connector

Networking may be a key for workplace success, but being a super connector is about authentic relationship building. In this episode of the Breaking the Bias podcast, Susan McPherson, author of The Lost Art of Connecting: The Gather, Ask, Do Method for Building Meaningful Relationships, shares how to create meaningful connections and diversify our networks.

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The 5th Anniversary of the #MeToo Movement: How It Started And What’s Next

Sally Roesch Wagner Matilda'

A Historian on The Untold Stories of the Women’s Suffrage Movement—And What It Means Today


Academics On The Economic Impact Of Overturning Roe V Wade

Vaishali Shah, dei, diversity in workplace

Beyond The Numbers: A DEI Leader On How To Create a More Inclusive Workplace

Maria Morukian, consciously unbiased

Why Shame In DEI Training Doesn’t Work—And What Does

Brian Hoffmeyer Elijah Bradshaw Breaking the Bias, podcast, inclusion, diversity, podcast, listen

Action Steps for Change: Diversity Is a Number, Inclusion Is a Culture

Keely Cat-Wells

Founder & CEO of C Talent on Overcoming Ableism in Hollywood

Rebecca Perrault

A DEI Leader on Why Belonging Matters For All Workers, Not Just Some

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Breaking the Bias is a podcast by Consciously Unbiased, where we interview people breaking the bias when it comes to diversity, inclusion and equity. Because asking better questions, having the courage to truly listen to the answers, and sharing our stories is how real belonging happens.



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