Bea Arthur: A Visionary Therapist’s Insight on Bias and Mental Health

In our latest episode of Break the Bias, we are joined by an inspiration to many, Bea Arthur, Columbia University-trained psychotherapist, award-winning entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and pioneer in the e-therapy space. As the first African-American female founder accepted by Y Combinator, Bea was named an Entrepreneur to Bet On by Newsweek Magazine and one of the 100 Most Inspirational New Yorkers by Bumble. She is the founder and CEO of The Difference, the first on-demand therapy service for in the moment issues.

How Her Personal Struggles Inform Her Path

In this thought-provoking conversation, Bea reveals how her early rebellious nature paved her own path and shaped her character. We delve into her experiences in high school, moving from a diverse school to a place where she was the only black girl, and how this prompted her to aim for assimilation into a culture that didn’t represent her.

Engaging in questions of identity, assimilation, and self-expression, our host, Bindu Lokre resonates with the experiences Bea shares. The dialogue takes a profound turn when Bea opens up about her views and experiences with the Black Lives Matter and Me Too movements, the underrepresentation and challenges for black women in the tech industry, and mental health issues.

Mental Health Advocacy

Highlighting the steps she’s taken in her battle against adversity, Bea shares how she reframes trauma as transformative experiences. She emphasizes the power of recovery and building a community, paving the way for The Difference, an accessible platform offering live therapy sessions in 30 minutes or less.

Packed with lessons from Bea’s personal and professional life, this episode gives many insights into bias and mental health, entrepreneurship, balancing personal and professional life, and the lessons learned from failure. Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking solace, an advocate for social justice, or someone interested in understanding the nuances of intersectional bias, this episode has got you covered.

If you want to explore more enlightening conversations, check out our Break the Bias series and delve deeper into Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with our extensive content library.


Sara Munjack

As the Director of Marketing and Partnerships at Consciously Unbiased, Sara Munjack is fueling inclusion through storytelling to build a passionate community and creating experiences inside organizations to transform workplace culture.
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