Dee Poku On How Women Can Support Women in Business

In our latest episode of Break the Bias, we are thrilled to introduce the inspiring and resilient founder and CEO of The WIE Suite, Dee Poku, a community builder, marketer, and communication leader.

In this enlightening conversation, Dee shares her unique perspective, straddling two different cultures and the challenges and advantages it has brought her. Raised in London and Ghana, now raising her son in New York, she discusses her journey dealing with microaggressions as a black girl in a predominantly white school and the critical importance of her African heritage.

The Role of Gender in Risks and Opportunities

We delve deeper into the differences in how boys and girls are raised, the dynamics women face in the workplace, and most importantly, how women can support each other and use their platforms to uplift more women.

Listen to Dee’s exceptional stories, detailing her personal experiences and insecurities as an entrepreneur; how she had to shift her mindset, the importance of projecting confidence, and bringing what she terms “delusional confidence” to meetings.

Importance of Women Supporting Women

We discuss the need for women to support other women in business environments influenced by a long history of societal expectations. Dee underscores the value of storytelling in creating change, strengthening communities, and teaching us that personal stories often carry more impact than statistics and protests.

As always, we wrap up with our fun segment, “Pause, Rewind, or Fast-forward.” Dee shares that she would choose to pause her life, wanting a moment to reflect and spend time with loved ones, with our host, Bindu Lokre, suggesting carving out dedicated time to appreciate accomplishments.

Don’t miss this empowering episode as it’s chock-full of useful advice and insights. Dee Poku reminds us that as women, we are not alone in our struggles and that by sharing our journeys, we can find shared solutions to workplace challenges.

Join us on ‘Break the Bias’ and together, let’s continue to break biases and shatter these glass ceilings! Curious about some of our previous episodes? Check out Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, on her childhood, being an activist, and raising feminist sons.


Sara Munjack

As the Director of Marketing and Partnerships at Consciously Unbiased, Sara Munjack is fueling inclusion through storytelling to build a passionate community and creating experiences inside organizations to transform workplace culture.
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