Sourcing Diverse Talent

We offer a range of workshops to help make your diversity goals a reality in terms of creating a more diverse pipeline and tapping into untapped talent. 

Unconscious Bias in Hiring Series

This intensive, six-module workshop educates hiring managers and talent acquisition teams to identify and mitigate unconscious bias that can show up throughout recruiting and hiring processes. The full-day or two half-day sessions cover how to mitigate bias in job descriptions, source diverse talent, recognize resume and phone screen bias, build diverse interview teams, and more.

Unconscious Bias In Hiring Audio Training Series

Hiring managers, talent acquisition teams and recruiters are busier than ever, and this three-part audio training series lets them learn on the go. The series helps identify strategies to source diverse candidates, as well as educate on how to engage with talent in an inclusive manner.

Attracting & Retaining Neurodiverse Talent

This 60- to 90-minute session provides an overview of neurodiversity and the benefits of hiring this untapped talent pool, along with interactive exercises and concrete tips for interviewing and identifying neurodiverse talent.

Recruitment: Diverse Staffing Solutions

HireTalent, our parent company, is a NMSDC minority certified diversity organization that is leading the charge in helping clients source diverse candidates. HireTalent's purpose and passion is to significantly impact employees' lives and the organizations they partner with by discovering mutually beneficial opportunities, as well as promote diversity in the workplace.