The Future of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Contingent Workforce

2020 was a year full of disruptions. It became clear that the world had changed, and with it there has been an even greater realization that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts are important for all workers, not just some. This sparked us to launch our inaugural report, "The Future of Diversity & Inclusion in the Contingent Workforce," from HireTalent & Consciously Unbiased, powered by SIA, to share lessons learned from our international survey and research project with responses from 194 executives among HR, procurement and other workforce professionals.

If your DEI initiatives focus only on full-time employees, this is an amazing opportunity for you to bring your employees together to advance inclusion across your entire workforce, including contingent workers. Our research found that  63% of leaders expected contingent DEI to increase in priority due to recent social upheaval, but many leaders weren't sure where to start. This report offers concrete action steps leaders in DEI in the contingent workforce can do to build belonging for all workers.

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