Reversing The Great Resignation: Shifting Employee Values & How Leaders Can Close The Gap

Consciously Unbiased has partnered with Untapped AI, an AI platform managing sustainable individual and organizational change, to release a new playbook on uncovering unique insights into the American workers’ experience during the ongoing pandemic, also known as the Great Resignation.

Insights from Untapped AI’s platform found that two-thirds of employees’ values are now misaligned with their company’s values. The result has been that workers’ values have changed more quickly than the values of the companies they work for. This playbook will help you learn why the great resignation is happening and gives companies the strategies to address increasing resignation rates by bridging the gap between what employees want and what companies think their employees want.

According to Untapped AI, the pandemic has sparked a shift in what employees value most. For example, there has been a 32% increase in employees wanting more autonomy as compared to before the pandemic, a 57% increase in the importance of flexibility, a 35% increase in levels of employee resilience, and a 38% increase in employee-led activism.

Moreover, Gen Z is twice as likely to be involved in employee activism than other employees, such as speaking up, demanding better conditions, and holding companies accountable for ethical behavior. Overall, 55% of American workers are more likely to quit if they don’t get the conditions they’re seeking—such as flexibility, autonomy, better pay, etc.

For how companies can adapt workplace culture with real-world strategies to better align with employee values, fill out the form below to download the playbook.