DEI Consulting

Thought Leadership & Enhancing Your Brand

Our Consciously Unbiased team has deep journalism, communications and marketing expertise. We help companies shape and amplify your messaging and values surrounding the diversity, equity and inclusion work you're doing both internally and externally.


With a combined social media presence of more than 200K

Our DEI consulting services connect your company with a community that is passionate about creating a more equitable workplace, and world.


Curated Marketing & Events

Leverage Consciously Unbiased's marketing expertise and unparalleled network to elevate your brand with multiple strategies to stand apart, recruit & retain employees:


Intimate salon dinners


Expert panels


Targeted digital campaigns

Advisory Services

We partner with companies to provide the following advisory services:


Build end-to-end processes that reflect corporate values and culture goals, from on-boarding to exit interviews.


Develop customized DEI strategies to enhance recruitment & retention overall and/or for specific communities.


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