From the rise of the Chief Diversity Officer to diversity reports becoming an annual tradition for tech companies, more and more organizations are making inclusion part of their DNA. We get it: If you still have to prove the business case to your company, here are some research highlights that show a ROI (Return on Inclusion):

The amount bias & discrimination cost the U.S in the last 20 years.
Percentage likelier organizations ranking highest on executive-board diversity were to financially outperform competitors.
Percentage of time that teams make better business decisions when they are inclusive.
Percentage of higher revenues that companies
with more diverse management teams made due to innovation.

Sources: Citigroup, Cloverpop, McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group


Interactive learning experiences with customized content for Hiring Managers, Recruiters, Contingent Labor & Leadership

Signature Unconscious Bias Conversation

This workshop educates on key diversity and inclusion concepts, and gives participants a safe space to unpack their own biases and take ownership of them in a non-judgmental environment. The interactive, thought-provoking activities inspire participants to commit to taking action.

Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Effective leaders create trust and confidence through observable acts of integrity, fairness, good judgment and unselfish behaviors. This session explores practices that strengthen the mindset and behavioral traits that encourage trust. 

How to Have a Conscious Conversation

We all know that words matter in building an inclusive workplace. This session uses proven non-violent communication techniques to help participants approach uncomfortable topics from a place of curiosity—even if they disagree—in order to have more productive interactions.

Authentic Allyship

Exploring “authentic allyship” inspires participants to commit to Microprogressions™ (or small action steps for change) that they can take in their own lives to amplify the voices of the marginalized and help advance belonging in the workplace and beyond.


The increase in participant's awareness about their bias after taking the Consciously Unbiased training sessions.



The Why

Unconscious bias and diversity training is not a one and done — it requires ongoing, daily practice and education for real behavior and culture shifts to happen.

The What

The Microprogression™ subscription content platform delivers one specific habit to practice each month for 12 months, with skills that build upon each other. We break each habit into daily, weekly, and monthly exercises.



As the CEO of HireTalent, a diversity staffing firm, Ashish Kaushal made driving inclusion the heart of his business. About three years ago he came up with the term “Consciously Unbiased” as a way to wake up corporations to the fact that we have to go beyond diversity numbers to create true culture change built on belonging. "For businesses to thrive, people and society also need to thrive," says Ashish.

Ashish founded Consciously Unbiased to disrupt the way corporations looked at diversity and inclusion. He partnered with Creative Director Kiran Rai, and purpose-driven marketer Bindu Lokre, who designed “Consciously Unbiased” t-shirts and donated the proceeds to organizations advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. It turned into a grassroots movement with tens of thousands of Instagram followers in the first month of launch, and more than $50,000 donated in the first year. "Consciously Unbiased really resonated because the status quo in the workplace is not working. Leaders need to value employees not only for what they produce, but also as full human beings with wants and needs separate from the workplace," says Kiran.

Recognized by Inc. Magazine's Fastest Growing Companies and highlighted in outlets such as Fast Company, Newsweek, Reuters, Foreign Policy, and others, the grassroots movement has grown into a powerful force for change helping businesses move from intent to action to amplify inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

Now, through disruptive channels such as the Consciously Unbiased social community, bridge-building Conscious Conversations and facilitated workshops in the workplace, and Microprogression™ subscription content to instill everyday inclusion habits in the workplace, the organization is spreading the message that diversity benefits us all. Consciously Unbiased has partnered with TAPFIN Manpower Group, one of the world's largest staffing firms, to include a large segment of the workforce that has traditionally been overlooked when it comes to DEI efforts: contingent workers, such as freelancers and contractors.

The founders' ambition to mobilize the next generation to build a more anti-racist world has led them to develop their newest product to be implemented in schools, The C U Project in 2021. "Our youth will have the biggest impact on shifting culture, and education is the best way—not politics or laws—to build an inclusive world," says Bindu. Because the time for change is now.

"Diversity is when your organization has so many different people in the culture that you stop noticing because it feels natural. Inclusion is when diverse people feel empowered to share their input. But true belonging is when diverse people are not only encouraged to share, but their voice is also celebrated for its unique perspective and acted upon.”

Ashish Kaushal

Ashish Kaushal

Founder, Consciously
Unbiased & HireTalent


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