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Ruth Umoh

A Diversity & Inclusion Reporter On What Employees Need During the COVID Crisis

Mike Gaston

A Visual Storyteller on How Viral Videos Can Combat Racism

Gesche Haas

An Entrepreneur On Tapping Into The Power of Community to Fuel Women’s Success

Kyle Credle

A Music Artist On How To Change the Conversation About Race in America


A Financial Advisor On Fighting Racism At Work

Becky Curran Kekula

A Disability Champion On How To Stop Making Assumptions

Ryan Hayden

A White Male Ally on How to Create Connection in the Workplace

Tom Voss

The Meditating Veteran on Post-Traumatic Growth Edit

Daisy Auger Dominguez

A Human Capital Expert on How To Find Your Purpose


Understanding DEIB in the Workplace-1

Understanding DEIB in the Workplace


6 Examples of Unconsious Bias in the Workplace


Unconsious Bias Training, Explained

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The Future of Diversity & Inclusion in the Contingent Workforce

The Future of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Contingent Workforce

Consciously Unbiased Anti-Racism Guide

LGBTQ+ Key Terms Cheat Sheet

Consciously Unbiased Anti-Racism Guide

Anti-Racism Resource Guide

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The Future of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Contingent Workforce 2022 Update

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Reversing The Great Resignation Playbook


What Equal Payday 2022 Data Is - And Is Not - Telling Us

"Equal Pay Day is important because it raises awareness that women continue to be underpaid and undervalued—and that needs to change."


The GameStop rally could represent the evolution of Occupy Wall Street

“For too long in the United States, there has been two systems of capitalism–one for the working class and one for the financiers.”


How the Pandemic Made the ‘Last Acceptable Prejudice’ Worse

“Ageism, of course, existed before COVID-19. It has been called the “last acceptable prejudice,” and laws that protect workers from ageism are weaker than laws protecting against other forms of discrimination and bias.”


Biden Should Discuss His Mental Health, for Americans' Sake

“We need to give workers the same acceptance for caring for their mental health as we do their physical health.”


The West should watch and learn from India's COVID-19 tragedy

“Let's learn from India's tragedy and start treating misinformation and polarization as the dangers to national security and public health that they are.”


How to Advance Diversity & Inclusion in Your Contingent Workforce — and Why It Matters

“It’s time to meet the moment:  Belonging matters not just for some of your workforce, but for all.”


Survived a Terror Attack. After 2020, America Needs Mental Health Care | Opinion

“To truly put the pandemic behind us, we need more than just vaccines for every American—we need universal mental health care for everyone, for as long as they need it.”


What you need to remember about Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce settlement

“Too often, there is the assumption that an ex-wife is getting money that she hasn’t really earned. This speaks to a deeper truth about our culture and how we define valuable labor.”


OPINION: Bias in AI is a diversity problem. Here's how to solve it

“Algorithms are increasingly being used to make decisions that impact our lives - and they reflect the biases of their designers.”


Diversity Isn’t A Number—It’s a Culture

“When building the company, HireTalent not only sought after a diverse staff but one that varied regarding ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, and socioeconomic standing. This undertaking stops those who would otherwise be indulging in groupthink and ensures that the most qualified personnel are being appointed.”