Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Online Learning

When flexibility is key, we provide employees with on-the-go learning solutions, as well as interactive habit-building subscription content to take the insights learned in the Conscious Conversation training and put them into daily practice

Unpacking Unconscious Bias Training Online Learning

Employees can take this unconscious bias training on their own time and revisit the lessons with this e-learning course that uses scenarios, videos, storytelling, and quizzes to track progress. It covers: what unconscious bias is and why we have it; how experiencing bias holds us back from bringing our best selves to work; three of the most common workplace biases and ways to mitigate them.

Sexual Harassment Training Online Learning

This e-learning course is for companies committed to making workplaces better by creating a harassment-free environment where the entire workforce-from employees to contingent workers-are treated with respect. Examples of topics covered include personal liability, an overview of sexual harassment laws, strategies for speaking up for yourself and for bystanders, employer responsibilities, retaliation, and resources. This interactive e-learning course includes examples, quizzes, and videos.

Microprogressions™ Habit-Building Subscription Content

What does it take to make diversity and inclusion a habit in workplace culture? It starts with employees continuing their education and regularly practicing Microprogressions™, or small action steps, that lead to positive behavior change over time. We offer interactive subscription content that taps into the power of storytelling, offers the science behind behavior change, and challenges employees to work on one Microprogression™ a month until it becomes a habit, giving them 12 months of skills that build on each other so authentic inclusion becomes embedded into your organization's DNA.