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How To Diversify Your Network, According To A Super Connector

Networking may be a key for workplace success, but being a super connector is about authentic relationship building. In this episode of the Breaking the Bias podcast, Susan McPherson, author of The Lost Art of Connecting: The Gather, Ask, Do Method for Building Meaningful Relationships, shares how to create meaningful connections and diversify our networks.

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Jennifer Streaks

A Financial Commentator on Why the Wealth Gap is Widening

break the bias, podcast, neurodiversity, neurodivergent, workplace diversity

Special Episode: How Neurodiversity Makes the Workplace Better

Kay Fabella

A Leadership Coach On Why It’s Okay To Let Go of Being Productive Right Now

Ruth Umoh

A Diversity & Inclusion Reporter On What Employees Need During the COVID Crisis

Mike Gaston

A Visual Storyteller on How Viral Videos Can Combat Racism

Kyle Credle

A Music Artist On How To Change the Conversation About Race in America

Becky Curran Kekula

A Disability Champion On How To Stop Making Assumptions

Tom Voss

The Meditating Veteran on Post-Traumatic Growth Edit

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