We’re all different;
we all belong.

Consciously Unbiased Conscious
Impact Awards 2024

A one-stop virtual event covering the year’s top inclusion and belonging trends, how companies are creating change, and the community builders who are shifting consciousness.


Consciously Unbiased is honoring the impact makers, status quo breakers, and equity creators who are building workplaces and communities that center inclusion and belonging.


While we all win when we build belonging, our Conscious Impact makers get their stories amplified in the Consciously Unbiased community for more than 200,000 people, as well as access to prominent judges and the partners who make these awards possible.


Chief Diversity Officer Of The Year Award

This category honors the people leaders who are creating innovative policies and programs that put people first inside companies.

Conscious Inclusion @ Work Campaign Award

Highlights a specific inclusion initiative with an organization that’s amplifying diverse voices and building belonging for an underserved community.

Rising DEI Star

This award celebrates a Gen Z employee who is moving the needle on DEIB within their organization.

Diverse Hiring Certified Award

This is based on organizations who have become Diverse Hiring Certified by Consciously Unbiased’s certification program.

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Impact Maker Awards 2023
Impact Maker Awards 2023
Impact Maker Awards 2023
Impact Maker Awards 2023
Impact Maker Awards 2023

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